What does the water look like now ?

Anyone seen any local lake yet with Today's rain ?
Santa Clara posts levels and most are 2 ft or more so we are looking better. http://alert.scvwd.dst.ca.us/rgi.php
Nice to see Chesbro come up from the below 1% mark! Gotta take a drive out there to see the puddle.
I'm just wondering if any bass survived with the low oxygen levels and all.... maybe just a carp pond now. :(
I am sure that some of the bass and other fish survived.
Especially catfish . Oxygen content is the real issue.
Lexington has risen over 18 feet with the last two storms (back to 11/28) !
Anderson hasn't gone up much , same with Coyote .
Stevens Creek went from 5% capacity to almost 40% - that water has to look like mud !!!
Keep it coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Took a cruz to local lakes!!!

Chesbro- filling fast up 4-6ft

Uvas- filling faster up 6+ft

Yote- filling fast up 4 ft

Calero/Anderson haven't looked yet...

I'm glad to see all lakes rebounding specially

Yote... If it didn't fill shoot sell my boat!! Lol


I was comparing today's Reservoir Elevation measurements with those taken on 11/27 and subtracting the difference. Today's measurements show 755.1 feet and 11/27 was 744.6 feet so I thought the lake was up 10.5 feet. Now I'm wondering if these figures on this site wrong. http://alert.scvwd.dst.ca.us/rgi.php

Last time I went was 11/22 and it was really low and the report shows 744.8 feet.
I'm not checking the scvwd site just driving
And my judgement lol!!!

Went to uvas today half full at least!!

That is a great sight.
Can't wait until to hit these ressy's soon, especially knowing where a bunch of good cover is now [green]
I'm going to check out Guadalupe tomorrow, I'll make sure to take some pictures
Coyote, Stevens Creek and Almaden are all over 50% capacity! According to SCVWD, Almaden has risen over 24 feet with all this rain. I'm anxious for spring to come for bedding bass.
I checked out Almaden at the end of August and it was LOW and chock full of weeds. The inbound end where I normally fish was just mud, great to see water levels coming up like this.
have any of you gentlemen checked what the water levels are at :
los baƱos creek ?
San Luis resevoir ?
San Antonio ?
Nacimiento ?
all these lake where once great fisheries. sad to see them so low.
I don't have any charts , but a young man that I coached in youth baseball is now
one of the Game Wardens in the Los Banos area and he said that recently , San Luis has been rising 13 feet per day and is now almost 70% capacity .
He said all three pumps in the forebay have been running full in attempt to capture all the water
out of the canals via the Delta .
Super muddy water in both San Luis and Forebay .
Tight lines ,
Had to roll to Los banos yesterday...

San Louie is up a lot and was dead calm

Forebay looks good!!

Called lbc - hand launch only!!!
Lake came up 3 ft but still low...
Only fills from natural spring and rain run off

Made it out to Guad today to check out the water level
Top photo was taken on 9-10-14

hit up the forebay yesterday.
this is how it looks
Urbina wrote:
hit up the forebay yesterday.
this is how it looks

Any action?
the pumps are running 24/7 so the water is all stirred up.
only a few fish but no keepers.