What Was It????- Anyone See Huge "thing" In Calero

Hey all,

I was fishin calero in the south end up to like my chest in my waders as im walking casting reelin in casting , out of my right side i start to see some bait fish flippin out on the surface first one or two , then i look away then 2 or 3 then right on the rear of the bait fish , i see something dark humongus shadow in the flats rising well the "IT" rises out just like a huge frickin whale and retreats back to the depths , as it glides along subsurface you can see its shadow its like huge i could have surfed on its back .anyone seen anything like this at calero, scared the crap outta me , i did get back on the bank and started casting at it , anyway any one here of any "monsters at this lake"
lochness monster [8:)
For real dude [8|] , like calero carp monster i think (8-| , it was at least 80 plus pounds [8|] [8|] no kidding i have only seen things like that in the ocean or on the discovery channell
maybe a sturgeon?
Nope definatley not the ol sturgeon general , caught those bad boys before back in the day,,,,,,,,,,,,the backside was smooth no diamonds like the sturgeon , it was smooth almost the shade of like a old ass mackinaw , it was weird , kinda spooky , i got the heck outta the water and started throwin a lure at the front as it slowly submerged someone has to have seen something that big in calero with the water levels so low ,
wow that freaks me out too. i always fish in that area too and im always in 2-4 foot deep. so its good to know that there is a monster in there. do you think its a big cat? but then again i dont think there are cats there......... hummmmmm.........
I've never seen it but I'm leaning towards it being a Carp of some sort. TackleTour says there are carp there http://www.tackletour.com/fhscacalero.html

This is a 30lber:
A friend of mine caught a huge carp , not that huge though this thing was like the size of a nimitz class carrier you could have landed a F-14 on her [8|] [8|]
you know i swear on my life i witness something just like that but not at Calero at Hellyer Park (Lake Cottonwood) it was 4 years ago when i was fishing with my friend when all of a sudden something jumped like how a dolphin would. I was thinking hmm dolphin but wait dolphins dont belong in a lake. The thing was not fat but long, bigger than my uncle sturgeon which was 120 lbs. i think its the lochness monster (just a name) but i know it wasnt no carp or catfish. THAT THING WAS HUGE!!!!!
Yeah dude
It was a huge as fish of some sort, scared the crap outta me
Wow120lb nice sturgie, i picked my 77 lb on a steelhead pole ,14lb test spooled me twice ,dude awesome sturgies...................
Dude, it was me taking a little scuba dive outing. No worries. Didn't mean to scare ya.
Seriously though, how long do you estimate it was, if you were able to tell? I fish from a kickboat and I have seen some monster carp, 20-30lbs+. Calero does have catfish, but they don't get as big as the carp. My bet is that it was a carp.

If it's some freak fish then that's another thing I have to be wary of besides swimming rattlesnakes and male bass headbutting my fins when I get too close to a nest. [8|]
Just at Calero..DFG said it could be a "Snake Fish".... [8|]
JIMMYG wrote:
Just at Calero..DFG said it could be a "Snake Fish".... [8|]

That would have to be a prety big frickin snake fish , i would estimate the length around 10 feet and it was "wide" you could see the "shadow" the darkness of the whatever it was swimming away under the surface it was way big [8|] im suprised no one ever caught a glimpse of the creature on there graph or fish finder it would look like a submarine
I will be out tomorrow again. I will see if I can rip me a 100lb fish! lol
Will be back some report!
JIMMYG wrote:
Just at Calero..DFG said it could be a "Snake Fish".... [8|]

There no way that it could be a snakefish aka snakehead because a snakefish would not be able to reach that size capacity. The snakefish (snakehead) was considered an invasive species when first found. This fish would eat anything that went to its path, and is a mjor threat to other freshwater species. but even the giant snakehead(biggest species of snakhead) would not be able to get up to 10 feet.
Go get some toads they gotta be moving around after all the sun, sure rip baits will be smoking
Carp, Carp and more Carp.. They roll in the shallows kick up the weeds and will eventually spawn in just about the same area as the Largemouth. They will even fight with the bass for spawn location.... We need a huge aquatic bow hunting team to come in and kill them all, way over evasive species that does nothing for anyone. We should do a California Northern pike thing and Kill them upon catch, I catch them by mistake in the 15-25lbs range at least once or twice a trip. The numbers have been increasing at Calero year after year, maybe people should start eating them...... You guys are tripp'in snake-heads, they can go with the mussels..

P.S. the better bit right now is at Anderson!!!

Set'Em Good
im gonna go out there on thursday. ill also have a camera on me so ill do my best to keep my eyes open for this monster. he will find him oh yes we will!