whats your favorite body of water?

I was wondering what your favorite lake or resivoir was.
Coyote ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!! Its been treating me good lately a five pounder on sat off the wake and a few two's,and today a two pounder and a few missed
Sorry, but I have to say all of the above any day at any of these lake's is just fine with me. :)
Other, Eastman Lake in central Cal is where I learned the ropes and back when it was full, it was 3-5lbers all day from the bank!
Me and my dad were out at coyote this weekend and the bite at early morning or at dusk has been good we pulled a 4 and 4 2lbers on senkos.
I picked Yote casue we all know THER ARE FATTIES IN THERE!!!!!.....

But I wouldnt pass up any of the others u mentioned at all....They all got great fish but if ur after a TROPHY....Well then enough said!!!!! lol lol lol lol lol

I picked the Delta. I love the local lakes and have a love/hate relationshihp with the yote. The Delta is awesome cuz you always have that chance of hooking a giant striper, and have been the last few times we've been there. So many different ways to fish the delta and so many areas to fish. I think you have a better chance at a DD from the delta then the Yote.
I Had to go with other, because any body of water is good to be on. I like the local lakes and am starting to like the Delta as I fish it more. One of my favorite places is LBC and you can't forget Clear Lake for a chance at some toads.
should have said local lake meaning within the bay area
I don't have a favorite body of water yet. But here is the kind of place I'd like to find. It has to be close by, 20 minutes drive or so. I have limited amounts of time (don't we all?) so I'd like to fish for a couple of hours and get skunked less than half the time. The fish don't have to be huge or even big; just bigger than dinky. Oh, yeah it has to be fishable from the bank (for now). I haven't found that lake yet. Any suggestions? I guess that makes my vote, "Other".
do you live in palo alto? if so Arastradero lake is really good. just throw either a white miniking spinnerbait by throwing it parrellel to the edge of the tulles or a brown senko with a chartrusse tail by also throwing it parrel to the tulles. the only problem is that there are only like 4 spots to fish because the tulles cover the shoreline but all you have to do is kick down some tulles and make your own spot. also if you dont live near Palo Alto please tell me where you live.
I've been to Arastradero before. Only like two spots to fish. The day was a waste unitl we went to felt, then got chased by the cows. lol
thats why you kick down the tulles so you can fish the whole lake.
jerbs wrote:
I've been to Arastradero before. Only like two spots to fish. The day was a waste unitl we went to felt, then got chased by the cows. lol
Arastradero sounds like a great suggestion. I have been hesitant to go there because I had heard of all the tules but it sounds like I can just trample them down a bit.

I appreciate all of the help and friendly comments. I've seen many other boards that get nasty and hostile for stupid reasons like slightly off topic posts, differences of opinion and just plain egomaniacs with nothing better to do. Maybe those bass keep us all humble!
It's Veteran's day so I took my 12 year old to Arastradero after she finished her pre-algebra. The hike was quite nice and we arrived literally before we knew it. We made a left at the bridge and across the dam. It's a small but nice, fertile looking pond. (No bluegills though!)

We found a clearing big enough for two of us to cast. After an hour, no takers on the spinners and brown/chartreuse senkos. We continued along the bank in the clockwise direction. Man, that is some thick underbrush! Turns out that direction is a dead end. We headed back across the dam and found another opening near the pumping station. We spent about 20 minutes trampling down the tules. Even then, we pretty much could only cast straight out. Our back casts were pretty restricted most of the time making it pretty tough to make a good presentation. I managed to catch a dink smallmouth just before dark on a watermelon senko, wacky.

I also fell in the water. No wonder; standing on a raft of tules! I think Arastradero might be a fun spot for getting some fish. A solo fisherman might deal with the tules better than a pair since space is so limited.

Thanks for the suggestion. Witha little more time, I'm sure we would have caught a few more. My daughter got some needed practice on her new baitcaster.
there are blugill there but no small mouth also there are a few seceret spots i know that are really well hidden. i've had a day when i caught a 22 incher a 18 incher a 16 incher a 13 incher a 14 incher, and a 17 incher. lately its been though but summer is great also yesterday i fished there and caught a 14 incher and a 10 incher and a 12 incher.
2 back to back pb's at calero. its got my vote.
how big?
a 5 and then an 8