What's Your Favorite Pole Type?

In my quest to discover trout fishing I found that even though I hammered out my limit quickly last week I didn't like the fact that I literally skipped a couple fish across the water as I was using 4# line on a med-heavy pole. It was also difficult to gauge getting a bite and realized the best way was to pull line off and hold the line in my hand to feel the tugs. My girlfriend told me she would buy me a pole for an early christmas present and I found a nice Lamiglass ultralight 7' took it out this morning and I definitely have to get a lot of casting in to get used to it. I found that when I tried to rip my bait out of the ballpark I actually wound up casting very short (20-30 feet) but a nice controlled throw would get my bait out further. I'm anxious to hook up and get a feel for what the fight is like. I did hook a cut line this morning that had a small catfish on the end of it. He didn't have much fight in him and I imagine it was probably due to being tired from carrying that hook and line around for a while. It must have been hooked for a few days as the mouth showed signs of healing. I'm thinking bass would be a blast on ultralight.

Rod selection is dictated to an extent by lure/bait weight. Your 7ft. ultralight won't be happy chucking a 1oz. bait but it should be able to whip 1/4oz. a country mile. Practice makes perfect. It's all about loading the rod on a cast and every rod has it's sweet spot. On the flip-side a heavy action rod won't cast an 1/8oz. well.
As far as feeling the bite, if your bait fishing, are you using a sliding sinker? That gives you a direct line to the fish without the weight interfering.
The rod you use to catch most trout, especially planters, should be completely different than what you use for catching bass. A featherweight rod with 4 or 6 pound test is a great combo for catching trout.

Sliding weights are great, but even using the correct weight of split shot is good for catching trout. You just want to make sure the weight you are using doesn't interfere too much with the sensitivity of your line at the other end.
My favorite pole is the one that starts with Power, 10ft version. lol