Where can I fish in East SJ

So I'm looking for any place I can fish in East San Jose for Bass. My delivery route is around Aborn/White or Eastridge mall, and since I have to take a lunch break that I usually don't use, figured I might as well spend it doing something fun. I know I can fish Lake Cunningham (which is stocked with Trout, Catfish, etc..." but their website says there's only "a handfull of Bass". Any suggestions?
Is grant lake eastside? Heard there is bass in there.
google earth is where I would start....
Yo can find small urban ponds to fish like the perc ponds on ther westside of San Jose..
Just a suggestion...
I know there are bass in the Penitencia Creek perc ponds. You can access them from Noble Ave, off of Piedmont. Give it a drop-shot.

You could also check out Sandy Wool Lake in Levin Park, Milpitas. I've caught a few bass there on 4" texas-rigged ribbon tail worms.
Thanks for the info guys. I talked to a few guys today and they also said the perc ponds. I'll let you know how things go. Thanks again
If you hit up the perc ponds off of noble, bring a green brush hog or green senko. Fish the middle pond by the spill way. There's a lot of crap in the water so you're gonna snag up up a few times so bring a couple. Let us know how you do