Where's all the SJB OG's at???

What's up guys?! Any OG's still frequenting the SJB Forums? What's up Marce, long time no see, talk or fish! As for me, I haven't been on here for quite some time, let alone even gone fishing! And to be honest, I've been so busy in 2011 that I didn't even buy a Fishing License this year...that's gotta be a first for me. Well, to make a long story short, I was laid off from my employer of almost 10 years and I started my own retail busines! No, I don't sell fishing gear, although I strongly considered it, but I do sell the next best thing...GUNS! That's right, I opened a gun store here in San Jose. We opened our doors on January 22nd of this year. It's funny, even with our poor economy, firearms sales don't seem to be affected. Heck, I even have customers who are unemployed and spending their unemployment checks! Anyways, just thought I'd update ya'll on my whereabouts these days. If anyone on the SJB Forums are into guns, stop by the shop. We specialize in the AR & AK Platform, as well as handguns. But we can surely order just about anything. If you mention SJB, I'll hook you up with a discount on parts and accessories...and even firearms! Check us out:

Metal Dog Tactical
2128 N First St
Ste D
San Jose CA 95131
(408) 437-AR15 [2715]

*Marce, I hope this is okay with you. This post is not intended to advertise in any way. I figured I want to take care of any of your forum members who may be interested in firearms. And say what's up to any of the SJB OG's! LOL!
Whoa, blast from the past...what's up Tunis?