Where's Marce Been?

Hey Dudes,

Sorry for not being on the site all that much, and for not returning texts and voicemails. Things have been busy on my end and I haven't been "online" all that much.

First, I started a new job in early February and that has taken up a TON of my time. In order for me to be the best at what I do I needed to immerse myself in technology. I was putting in 12 hour days trying to get my arms around these new gadgets and each night I would work myself to the point of exhaustion.

Second, I tore my achilles tendon playing indoor soccer a couple of weeks ago. F-ING bummer! I had surgery last Friday and I've been laying in bed for almost a week. I just got off of the pain pills yesterday so my brain is starting to function like it should.

I guess this means I'm going to miss the spawn, and that my quest for the DD bass will have to put on hold. But don't get me wrong amigos, I'm not bummed out by any means. Being laid up like this just makes me realize just how much I enjoy fishing with friends and family. It also makes me realize just how much I enjoy being outdoors. Fishing is cool. This website is pretty cool. And it's going to be cool to get back on the water.

We've got plenty in store for you this summer. Stay tuned and tight lines. I'll get back to your voicemails and texts ASAP!

Peace. Tight lines!
Hi Marce,

I was wondering what happened to our web master since we haven't heard from you since your trip to Tulloch. Sorry to hear about your injury but no worries Coyote will reopen soon and the winter restrictions will come off. The bass will just get bigger while awaiting your return. Looks like Jr. is back on the water and I've even seen pics of Sr. with fish so he got the skunk off his back too. This is a great site and it's fun to read about the guys hitting the small local ponds. Thanks for keeping the site up and I hope you get well soon so we can see you on the water.
Get Well soon Marce........... You are going to miss the opening of our secret lake [8|] where all the DD's hide out Jr and Joe Joe and I will be there..... get better soon and you are in our Prayers.... All work and no play WTF dude hit the lakes [gr [green] een]
Hey Marce nice to hear from you , get well , and kick it watch some of this ,DEE Thomas [8|] [8|] www.youtube.com/watch?v=k__U7DakY74