While you were eating turkey

Fished from 9:30-1:30 Thanksgiving day, with an average winter day on Calero. 55 surface temp, landed 11 fish up to just under five pounds (16-17lb bag). All at 25-30ft, all on "HOTDOG".. They are in there winter pattern and I love it.

Tried to post a video of the chunk but was unable to, do they all have to be youtube videos?

Set'Em Good
Awesome...and did you say hotdog??? I know catfish love it but bass, wow now that is thinking outside the box...
Sup Set EM?

I was on the nitro with my sister that day. Zaldain hopped on for a lil bit in the later day. Got em good too. Prolly 20+ fish between 2-4#.

I couldn't hear you when I tried talking to you. But yea, caught our fish around the same pattern.
I was laughing my "A" off, searched for a little while and had seven in the boat in 20 minutes. When a good school gets HOT it all over with..Good thing is my school was chunks 2.5-5lb fish. posting.php?mode=reply&f=34&t=3765#
think he means "spoons"..