Who already caught the first bass of the year?

I haven't. ;(
I haven't either. So sad.
me three >:-(
Not me
I know for a fact Brad has gone to CL this past fri & sat and got his. I have not gotten out yet this year, but I do have my license.
anyone going out tomorrow.. I have the fish itch..
Nope... I have a feeling that I'm not gonna get my first fish untill spring...
I indeed do have a nice 2lber in the books, and fredemac has a nice pair. Best going 3.75
Jtmoney wrote:
and fredemac has a nice pair. Best going 3.75

Wait.. we are talking about fish right? [green]

Haven't caught mine either. Will try Arastredero pond this Saturday since I'll be mountain biking there. Should be eaaaaasy since it's a tiny ass pond [red]
Does it have to be a bass? [red]

got mine in the first 15 minutes...lil 3 pounder and i had the flu, then i slept on the back of my boat while manual (DMUN) whacked em
No Bass for me yet.
3 so far. 3.7lbs, 2.6lbs, and 2.3lbs
Only in my dreams! lol
Here's some fish.
OMG, drewsturr. You are from san jose, but is that san jose CA or somewhere else ? You made me not want to fish any more :) Congrats!
Hey Mr!!! those are some nice fish... lol
those fish were on 12/31............ 8-)
Drewster Drewster Drewster!
ok guys lets go get some big fish !!!
ready for this one ??/
time to take a trip up to sac !!