Who is this out on Anderson? (Pic)

Saw this boat out there 2 weekends in a row, anyone know him?

Ive seen him a few times on calero. I even spoke with him once, never got his name though. I do admire his little setup though!
Oh yeah i know him!! Hes from salinas I talk to him while at coyote bait all the time. He catches some absolute pigs from that little boat he has!
Thats a neat little boat :)
That boat is sooo decked out....HDS, LSS-1 structure scan, the whole nine.
TheGrayElephant wrote:
That boat is sooo decked out....HDS, LSS-1 structure scan, the whole nine.

ya, quite the rig, starting to think i want a boat like that instead of my 17ft! hahaha [green] does he just slam em'? I'll have to see if I can try to meet the guy sometime.
I have seen him many times at Calero and Anderson .
Nice to have something to get you on the water , BUT I would n't want to
be in it when one of those big ass wakeboard boats come by to close!!!
He should be wearing a PFD , chances he could get back in that thing if he got tossed out by biug waves would zero.
I hope he reads this , simple investment could end up saving his life!!
Haha that's a good friend of mine, and he's going to laugh his ass off when I tell him about this thread...he's retired so he's on the water most days of the week...when Coyote's open you'll see him in some tight spots down in the south..
I wonder how fast he can get that lil boat up to? looks like it would be fun to try..... }:(
Thats Scotty! LOL! DUDE YOUR FAMOUS! for real though you guys this guy is a hardcore bay area angler,and a really cool guy. Say whats up to him next time you see him hes on are water more than most.