Who Wants to go Fishing???

Hey guys,
Im going fishing this saturday at the oakridge perc pond (biggest and closest one to oakridge mall) Ill be there at 6 in the morning til whatever time i leave.
Hit me up at 14086009080 if you want to meet!

-Andrew Le
Yo andrewwww. Im thinking about heading down there this saturday. I was there yesterday casting spinnerbait/wacky rigged cheap worm. Got nothin. Maybe you can show me the ropes :)
Yeah definitely hit me up when you get there ill show u around
Oh whoevers going bring wacky hooks, 6 or/and 7 inch senkos, jackall flickshakes, or whatever worms you prefer! lol lol [green]
i think ill be out there as well. went there with a buddy of mine yesterday as well didnt get nothing. its on sat!
I may be out there as well, I live within walking distance... Hope to see you guys out there!
Alright hope to see all you guys! Be there at 6. The meeting spot is the first canal closet to oakridge! Ill be wearing a grey gloomis sweater like i always do. lol lol
sorry guys i didnt make it. i woke up with a fat hangover. ill go next time. hope you guys had fun!
Hahhaa, so did I... Might try this evening or tomorrow morning
Going to be heading out there in a little bit, maybe I'll see you guys out there.
I went out there in early morning didnt see anyone come so i left... didnt catch anything this week.
Me and my bro got a few at almaden main lake on sunday...
was that a chatterbait on the 1st one
Nice Fish!
bluegillmaniac657 wrote:
was that a chatterbait on the 1st one

thats what i think
hey what kind of chatterbait was that and what color was it? how were u working it were u burning it or jigging it? were you working it along weed lines or just in open water?
Anybody wanna meet up on Saturday might be able to head out
Andrew?? Nick??
bro its raining and thundering on saturday.
Ender wrote:
bro its raining and thundering on saturday.

my forcast says its gonna have sacttered showers but plans will change if it starts pouring
.....way to ruin the weekened man...saw the forcast..on and off showers(thuder).NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Ender wrote:
bro its raining and thundering on saturday.