Who wants to rent a skiff and go fishing off Capitola?

Third time's a charm. After this storm passes, let's rent a skiff and go fish the reefs. I want some cod, rockfish, and lings. Also whatever else that chooses to bite.

Hoping to get two other people to go with me so we can split the rent and fish all day.

I'm free saturday, monday, and sunday.
Oh man i would but i got my truck needs rotor and pads , and my other vehicle looks like a blown head gasket [8|] ;(
Maybe next time hit me a pm i will get you my number alright?
Well if you live by almaden lake we can carpool there in my car.

I already have one other person who's interested in going next weekend.
Wish i could however i got to be at work , i will definatley hook up with you yeah im over by the lake thanks for the invite
Leaving tomorrow at 5:40AM. Last chance to get in on this for a low price of 25$.

Give me a hollar at 4435408542 if you're interested in jumping in this last minute.