Wind direction plugging for stripers

Hello peeps...Just inquiring about wind direction plugging for stripers. Black bass fishing I prefer WNW or WSW winds. I see it will be blowing @ the Delta from S and ESE this week...will that slow the bite for stripes? Should I wait on the change of wind direction later in the week? What are your theories?
Raga ,
can't say for sure on stripers , but I can tell you I always follow the wind . Could care less about the direction it come's from , I follow the wind because if "pushes" baitfish and the bass follow .
It also has an affect on water temp., wind blown banks always seem to be a few degree's warmer and those few degree's seem to deeper in the water column .
Seems to make bass more active.
good luck .,
Wind direction spells where the bait/feeders SHOULD be. Warm wind regardless of what direction it's coming from spells have good fishing line and good knots ready. Cold wind ( especially in Winter )spells stay home and wait for warmer winds. That's JCAB's Striper/Bass wind fishing condition's theory.