Winter Calero Bass

Fished all day and only managed 2 bites. One an ultra dink and the biggest 2 and a half I've ever seen!!! Lol. Anyone ever think their scale is off when you catch one and don't agree with what it says? Happens to me a lot!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all and don't forget to stop by Coyote Bait and partake of their 20% off while helping to support local business. :D Catch you on the water!
Nice catch!
nice bass ,
Yes is the answer to your scale question. I have gone thru three scales over the last four years .
One way you can check your scale , is the measurement test on a bass .
here's the equation ,
length X length X girth , divide 1200 = weight of the bass. it's very accurate if your not sure your scale is correct.
as long as you measure correctly , you'll be within a few ounces of an accurate scale.
Tight lines ,
she is just skinny, but has the head of a 4 lber. Like to see that fish in the spring 8-)
1Oldman thanks for the tip! Pulse the fish was rather skinny with a big head and I'm pretty sure I know why. In the picture I've attached you can see the culprit, a 2/0 EWG worm hook stuck in his crushers. I was able to get leverage by coming in through the bottom row of gills and pop the hook out quite easy. Hopefully now he is able to start sucking down some bait and fatten up for winter/spring. Best thing that could of happened to him was get stuck by me 8-)
Right on Fred! Nice fish and good to see you were watching out for it's benefit. In a pond i fish I've also found small 'boreing' types of larvae in about 10% of the fish I caught. It almost looked like that in the photo. I pluck those suckers out of the cartilage they feast on and do away with the bugs. A couple bass I caught had about 5 each and had holes all through the mouth area.
FRED-E-MAC wrote:
Best thing that could of happened to him was get stuck by me 8-)

Nice! All fixed up after a trip to Doc FRED-E-MAC.
Right Dr.Fred!!good on ya mate !
Thats good fishin karma comin back at ya soon in a lake near you
fred e ,
good save for that one and karma will reward your effrots , I always carry a pair of extra long neddle nose on the boat for just that reason .
People always say that the hook rusts out . I kinda agree , the real question is ---- does the hook rust out while the bass is still alive ? Not so sure. I hooked a 5lber this summer at Calero and she looked the same , gigantic head and small body . Unfortunately , she had line coming out the a-hole .
Probably had a C-rig in her stomach.
I think the bass is better off if you can get the hook out . Pinch down thew barb with neddle nose , then work it backwards.
tight lines ,
Happens a lot with Texas rigged senkos too. People don't feel the bite and they choke it down
Rippin_Lips wrote:
Happens a lot with Texas rigged senkos too. People don't feel the bite and they choke it down

That exact thing happened to my buddy on a t-rigged senko. Oddly enough it was a skinnyish bass at Calero too. The only way I know Fred-E's bass wasn't the same fish is because I was able to push the hook point all the way through and actually cut the hook in half.

So have you found that it happens more with a t-rigged senko vs. wacky?
Thanks guys and i'll tell you I could sure use some good karma because it sure is a tough bite right now! Houla I've never had a deep bite with a Wacky rigged senko and if I don't feel the bite I'll almost always feel weight or see my line move. But for some reason, I've had some deeper T-Rig bites. Maybe because the wacky weighted hooks I use are smaller and since they are placed in the middle of the senko it's harder for them to choke down.