wish me luck....see u guys in a month ....

Ok so its that time for my departure. I will be leaving tomorrow to Kentucky Lake for one month. I have my FLW National College Championship. I will be prefishiing. For the next couple weeks. Then we got 9 days of off limits where I will be fishing Lake Okeechobee and Barkley Lake. Thanks to all the supporters out there. This is hopefully the second biggest tournament of my life cause if SJSU takes this down you will see us at the Forest Wood Cup. This is gonna b one long road trip from San Jose to KY them to Florida and back. Towing the boat is gonna be a long haul. But I encourage all you to watch the weigh in on collegefishing.com on April 6-9. So I guess I won't be taking people out for at least another two months since my boat is gonna be quarantined for 30days when I get back. Im sooo pumped!!!! There is 100k and a new boat on the line here.

Also I wanna wish Tim, Brad, Will, Dave, Mike, Mike, Posst JIm JR and SR and everyone else out here the bat of luck at the coyote bait tournament and all other tournaments I know all of you are working towards!
Tight Lines! That's a long trip, drive safe.
good luck out there bro!!!!! hope you win that thing
Good luck man!
Thanks anthony for the good luck mojo. hope all goes well in ky go big or go home all the way home... ive always wanted to fish okechobee a little jelous. have a safe trip and good luck!!!!!!!
yea good luck out there and bring it home for cali.
Hey! I'm doing the Coyote tournament too man!

Good luck out there amigo, represent the Bay Area and all of it's glory. So the big question is - when do we get to wrap your boat in a SJB logo?
GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A SAFE TRIP.....BRING HOME A NEW BOAT AND A FAT CHECK........ :) I will pray for you guy's.... I though I was going to do the CBT tourny but Jim Jr. is going to do it with someone else ..... ;( This is a good lesson I wish I never would have sold the old Bass tracker and let him have the $$$$ for his boat .... feel like an old dog I get left behind.....so win that new boat and get that fat check... then you can donate your old boat to ME.... lol
Sr., looks like sonny boy done you wrong.....
Coming from an SJSU alumni, good look out there, be safe and represent the Spartans!
good luck out there anthony!!!
Best of Luck to you guys.
Represent!!! Nail in Kentucky Anthony!
Marce wrote:
Hey! So the big question is - when do we get to wrap your boat in a SJB logo?

So the real big question is, when ya win your new boat and 100k ya gonna donated your "old" boat to your fellow SJB'er... namely me?

P.S. please post pics while your out there fishing...
Good luck and be safe!! Let us know when the tournament will be broadcasted.
bassnflip wrote:
et us know when the tournament will be broadcasted.
Never mind I'll be watching in April. Good luck!
Fish hard, be safe, good luck,... and DO WORK!
Thanks guys... went through a big scare today regarding my outboard. I was doing the lower unit oil change and pulled the wrong screw out and it almost cause my gear shifting linkage to be totall fucked. I took the boat out to check it today. All is running well.

Marce...good luck to you and Forest as well at the tournament,

Marce, go ahead and wrap my boat. I'll go halves with you.
Best luck and show us the trophy!! :)
I made a few of those long drives before. the felling is summed up in one word PUMPED!watch out for cops in Texas, Oklahoma and the first 30 miles of Arkansas they love to pull over guys with cali plates! GOOD LUCK drive safe and represent!