Work Sucks!!!!

That's why I fish!!! Lol... Went back out to Kelly lake and had another
Great trip with mike!!! This time mike had me scratching my head for a
Couple hours but I found a rhythm and we both ended up having a great
Day on the water!!! In total we must have caught 15 fish for 5 hrs!!! All fish
We're between 2.5-4lbs no biggies but got our blood pumpin!!! Plus we landed
2 FAT @$$ crappie!!! Both at least 1.5-2lbs I mean fattys!!! One fell for a crank
Other drop shot 7" worm!!!!!

Can't wait to have yote open in April my hudd rods been calling me!!! But in
Mean time Kelly lake will get the jitters out for now!!! Here are some pix I got
A lot but iPhone won't let me load more than 2 at a time so enjoy!!

The monster crappies!!!!
Was a sick day for sure !
Word on the blocc is Yote opens Monday to boats.............

........................................woopty woop!!!!!!!! Get your motherfuQin hudd ready is right!
Sweeet wish it was saturday lol ill be there saturday am hittin it from shore
Nice fishing, Jim! Where is the Kelly Lake ? What depth are they ? Are the crappie on the bottom ?
Kelly lake is in watsonville but its club members only
LOL, don't look like it sucks for you guys! [green]
Jim Jr. - Nice Slabs!
Those will make great fillets fish sandwiches ;)
Dang, nice work Jim! My uncle used to be a member of the Pajaro Valley rod & gun club and we fished Kelly and that other lake a few times, but that was a decade ago...I thought the club was shut down. Guess not! Those slabs are quality too, second one looks like a black crappie. Thanks for the report!
Ok Jim, now I'm jealous LOL! Where's my drink? Bass? Yeah! But when someone starts catchin' Crappie I get a heart attack 8-)
Let me reassure you that we were not targeting Crappie, and we were extremely surprised when we saw them on the end of our life as well.
we fished at Kelly this Saturday.
there only a few big fish maybe a little past the 5 lb mark.
got 15 LMB but all around the 3lb mark.
maybe next time we can find big mama
Nice are u a member there too??
southbayareabassman wrote:
Nice are u a member there too??

Bout to be!!! Im 8 or 9 th in line...

Hell yeah way to go jim
Already would be if he wouldn't have wait till now to do it. Doh (hand to the forehead ) :D