WTF - Overfishing Likely Under Delta Bass Proposal

I can't believe what the state is proposing:

Video #1

It's a sad day for bass fishing :(


"Never Give Up!"
"Boats don't run on water. Think about your boater."
(8-| that sucks, hope it only pertains to the linesides. My thought is...let mother nature take its course and it shall be survival of the fittest. Looking back at pictures of large mouth bass on nail boards from back before the regulations at the Delta, when Dee Thomas was fishing with both my Grandfathers, they were more plentiful and much larger than now, even with the restrictions. Chalk 1 up for the stripers. May we keep a limit on them in the Delta! ;( ;(
Total BS. Such Crap. They have plenty of water.
Not even going to start in on this one because I will just get upset and be in a bad mood all day!!
I say take the BItches car away she causae global warming.....I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT IWISH THEY WOULD STFU
wow..... when does dips*** hunting season begin and can we lift the limit on the number taken?
Instead of pump water south like they keep wanting too... Why don't they just build more lake with dams up in the L.A hill and mountains, like the new one (4or 5 years old) Diamond Valley down there...
That would make more since... but then again maybe thats the problem... it makes to much sense...
Yeah let us desimate one species of fish for another that is seasonal. Damn idiots should take up fishing and not bird watching and butterfly collecting. (8-|
by the way...why dont we all send Kate Hora and the Modesto Irrigation District
a thought on this as well ... istrictInc