I hope to god that this plan won't effect yote. ... UUD920.DTL

See Henry coe State park >:(
Thats mest up I hate Schwarzenager. >:( I have not even gone to Henry Coe and now I cant just because of a stupid budget.
My dad used to take me to henry coe as a little kid... caught a bunch of little bass out of the pond/lake they had there. don't remember it too well though. ;)
This is where those of us who are 18yrs of age and older can try and make a difference. I'm not a political guru, but the more of us that speak out and go vote and gather support for a certain cause, can possibly change our state governments decisions.

Take the time to look over who is running for office, what the proposed propositions are and vote your heart. My .02
Coyote nor Anderson are part of Henry Coe, and therefore would not be affected.

That said, it would surely be a bummer to not have access to these State parks. If you're a hiker, Coe is a beauty of a place to visit very close to home.
What is going on, >:( >:( >:( we pay taxes for this? >:( >:( >:( >:( did you see clear :'(lakeSP :'( is listed on the map
Man I hate him soooooooooooooo bad now I cant go to place where I would like to got to. >:(
thats the answer I was looking for murf...thanks!
One theory I've heard is that this is just a shock proposal - when people come back with a "paid entrance" response the Gov't will say "okay, yeah, we'll do that" and come out looking relatively responsive and nice and willing to work with the public.

If they just say "we're putting in these fees" they look like the badguy with no give/take.

Just a theory, though.

Boy!!!!!!! Thats SH!TY!!!!!!!!


We should have kept Arnald in the Movie Industry...Maybe he would have made better movies than his Govermental Skills.....

This is just down right BS....What are people gunna have for recreational use in the future...As far as I can see its not gunna be much!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
We have to get this hoser out of office. He is destroying our fisheries!!!! :-[