Hello everyone I am finally back from being MIA I haven't logged on to the site for a very long time... I think its because spring is here and it got me thinking about bass fishing. the weather has been PERFECT for a nice day of fishing. So said and done I think I will be taking out that dusty baitcaster of mines and start putting it to use this Wednesday at Calero. I will try to head out there early to catch a early bite and just fish till noon. So if anyone who wants to join me for some fishing on wednesday just let me know. Trying to get out there asap and I havent done this in a long time lets hope I still know how to use that baitcaster.
Welcome back SJBERIC! ;-) Good to see you on here again. I think we definitely need to get a BBQ going to get all the guys together again.

Good luck out there amigo!

Where you been? Hey Marce when is the BBQ lets do it , make it a spawn-Bed BQ
almaden lets invade the banks [8|] [8|]
Flashh from the past..Eric..whats up man!
the ghost of san jose bass past......