Your Jig Line?

What line and lb test are you using at the local lakes (Anderson, Calero, Coyote) for jigs?
I use Segaur 15lb test it's pretty good line. I think CB&T can spool you up with it you should try it out.
it depends on the size of fish and the cover so its anywhere from 6 for finess to 60 for flipping
15lb P-Line Fluorocarbon. Love it.
yup, seagur invisx 15lb. Good stuff! I use it for everything, including fishing the delta, when fishing a jig. I'm not one to change lines for different lakes...rather not spend the money... lol haha.
15lb Fluro for jigs, texas rigs, senkos, flukes. I use P-Line HALO
Pretty similar to what I'm using. I used 15lb P-Line CXX for several years and then made the switch to fluorocarbon last Feb. I started with 16lb Toray Super Hard, then upgraded to 20lb during the late Spring/Summer. The 20lb is still going strong on two reels. I'll be going back to 16lb soon since the weeds are gone.
20 pound yozuri hybrid.
If you're not using floro you are missing out when fishing jigs. seriously.
Marce wrote:
15lb P-Line Fluorocarbon. Love it.

I go 12 (8-| but yes P-line it is
Yup P line fluoro with a palomar knot.
I throw 14 vanish p-line is probably better but vanish is half the price, and is still a good line.
i'm happy someone finnaly said something about line because line is one of the most important tackle because it's the only thing between you and the fish yet no one really pay much attention to it and they end up breaking nice fish off because of their line. The main reason aaron martians is so successful on the tour is that he hardly ever looses fish because he pays attention to his line and his knots. thats why he won the deul on the delta. He took care of his line and tied good knots and that gave him the ability to catch big fish in heavy cover on light line letting him catch the big pressured fish on the delta letting him win.